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Royal Oak Realty Trust
600 East Avenue, Suite 200
Phone: (585)434-1660
Fax: (585)434-1670

Daniel J. Goldstein, CPA
President & Chief Executive Officer
Direct: (585)287-5856
Cell: (585)455-8411
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Bruce E. Bender
Vice President of Acquisitions
Direct: (585)287-5869
Cell: (585)730-1716
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Mark T. Allen
Vice President of Investor Relations
Direct: (585) 471-5821
Cell: (585)747-4210
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Charles R. Knittle, CPA
Vice President of Finance
Direct: (585)287-5870
Cell: (315)521-0119
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R. Stan Holland, JD
Managing Director of Business Development & Portfolio Management
Direct: (585)434-1674
Cell: (585)355-2882
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Brian Norby, CPA
Senior Accountant
Direct: (585)434-1671
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Thomas Doody
Acquisitions Analyst / Property Manager
Direct: (585)434-1673
Cell: (585) 520-0330
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Rachel Vail
Administrative Services Coordinator
Direct: (585)471-5823
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